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1024 Manic Miner "Tiles"

1024 Manic Miner "Tiles":  Browser game based on 2048 but with Manic Miner graphics and you only have to reach the equivalent of 1024.  Scoring is the same except for a 10K Willy Bonus (for every Willy generated).

Willy Collector Mystery 50

Willy Collector Mystery 50:  Clear tiles within 50 seconds.  Mystery tiles have a 50% chance of matching another mystery tile.  Collect a pair of Willies last, and time taken is reduced by 10 seconds.


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Tweaked Manic Miner Levels

MM Tweaked: Download tweaked levels of the version of the Matthew Smith classic.  Also added some graphics to the excellent ones created by Andy Noble, and included new theme tunes by various artists (please see credits for more details).

Tried to squeeze as much as possible out of the game engine to hopefully provide a fun challenge for fans old and new.

Bob Manic Miner Levels

MM Bob Levels: 24 new levels for the version of the classic platformer, Manic Miner.  These level should be challenging enough to trigger a "just one more try" response, but not so challenging that the average player gives up halfway through.

Also added graphics to those created by Andy Noble, and included new theme tunes by various artists (please see credits for more details).


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Fun Images Album

Fun Images: Album containing a selection of fun images I stumbled across on the internet.  Most of them will be familiar, but here they are presented all-on-a-single-page and ad-free.  Enjoy!

Fun Memes Album

Fun Memes: This album contains a selection of family friendly memes I stumbled across while browsing the internet.  Most of them may be familiar, but plan to add a section with a few of my own.

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Goal is to provide information on my current projects.  To provide an archive for my old-style browser games.  And to share links to things I find interesting or entertaining.  Links that may not be suitable for the younger generation end with [PG].

This is not a commercial website.  There are no ads, pop-ups, or email requests.  And while linking to commercial websites can not always be avoided, every effort is taken to find free, easy to use alternatives.  No payment is received from any of the sites linked to from this site.

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